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So you have reached this stage. Preparing for Motherhood. That can look very different for people depending on how they arrived to this point.  This may not be the first time. Perhaps you already have a child, maybe had a traumatic birth or difficult postnatal journey and are feeling overwhelmed at the prospect of that happening again, of feeling that way again. You can't imagine how you are going to cope. Perhaps you really want to enjoy your pregnancy and motherhood and to date have not or are concerned you won't. 

Perhaps you have been pregnant before and either lost the pregnancy or a baby and preparing for motherhood now is terrifying and brings with it a multitude of unprocessed grief and loss. 

Maybe you have had a long fertility journey and you are already emotionally overwhelmed and exhausted. 

Maybe you got pregnant easily but have experienced other loss or feel you do not have the support that you will need to cope as you embark on this journey. 

Whatever you have been through, wherever you are at. You can do it and you will do it. You can handle anything with the right support and putting a plan in place for yourself and communicating to others what you need and how they can help. To be able to do that of course you first need to know this yourself. 

Preparing in a way that supports you practically, emotionally and mentally is so important. It is not just about nappies, baby grows, cots and the practical things, these can all be got at the very last minute if you really needed. We often get caught up in preparing for those things, overthinking what buggy to get etc and forget about how we are feeling. What emotional support we will need.

Communicating that before we become so sleep deprived we don't know up from down, makes a big difference. Having conversations around breastfeeding and any support you might need. How your partner and family can practically support you, and if they can't what plan needs to be put in place. What support you may need to pay for and allowing for that expense and connecting with the right person. 

There is also processing any feelings, grief or loss that is sitting there adding to any stress or sense of overwhelm. It can be a lot to process postnatally when you are already exhausted. I know it would have made a massive difference for me and quite possibly allowed me to enjoy early parenthood. Having felt prepared emotionally and having a good support network in place. 

Perhaps you are well into motherhood. It may be 1 year, 3 years, 10 years or more. You may feel lost, stuck, overwhelmed, disconnected from who you are now, what you enjoy, what's important to you. Perhaps you feel your confidence has dipped or indeed vanished, you forget what it is like to trust yourself, know yourself and find it hard to put yourself first without guilt or self doubt creeping in. Maybe you have reached the stage now where you feel ready to do something to change that? To feel confident again, to laugh, live, have fun and make time for you, whatever that looks like. To enjoy being mum and enjoy being you. 


If you would like support to go on a journey of rediscovering you while navigating being mum then I am here ready to journey with you. 

If you would like to know more about preparing for Motherhood. Practically, emotionally and mentally or navigating life as Mum,

Please feel free to get in touch.  I look forward to connecting with you.

You can also follow me on Instagram  @womenswellbeingireland

Dara x 

Support in Motherhood 
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