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My Approach

I believe that the women I work with already have the answers within and I advocate towards an empowering person focused and self led approach.


I believe you are not ‘broken’, you do not ‘need to be fixed’, you might feel lost, anxious or overwhelmed right now, but the wonderful thing I have discovered about feeling or being lost, is the empowering and exciting opportunity to find who you are right now and move forward in a way that feels right for you. In a way that allows you to love the person you are, as you are. 


This doesn’t have to make sense to you right now.  When you are feeling anxious, overwhelmed or lost in yourself, it can be hard to make sense of things, to have clarity, focus or ‘answers’.  This is where my approach can support you in moving from feeling anxious or lost within yourself to feeling attuned and lighter in yourself. Creating ways for you to feel present and at peace within yourself and in turn space for fun, play, joy, creativity, laughter, intimacy, hope, healing, nurturing, growth, harmony and for you to live your life in the way you deserve to. 

Asking the right questions and where you place your energy plays a significant role in getting compassionately curious and moving forward within yourself. I have found that when you shift the focus away from regret or who you were (past) or the pressure of who you think you should be (future) and put your energy/focus into who you are right now (present), that is the pivotal factor in creating change for yourself.  


Your ability to feel safe and comfortable in being/feeling present within yourself, within the person you are right now is a game changer.  This coupled with being compassionately curious and open to learning to find ways to go with the flow and loosen the tight reins of needing to force or control things excels this even further.  This is where you begin to create:













Affective Communication

Healthy Coping Mechanisms

Practical & Maintainable Self Care Strategies

This is where you take your power back! The above are at the centre of my intuitive, empowering, compassionate and heart focused approach. An approach that I continually embody for myself in my own life and the approach that makes the difference for the women that I have journeyed with and continue to journey with.

Support looks different for everyone.  To learn more about how this approach can support you, take a look at my ‘working with me’ tab. Or indeed please feel free to get in touch email or pop any question into the box below.

Love and light. Dara x

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