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HOMECOMING - To the woman feeling lost & trying to find her way home to herself.

To finding yourself.

To seeing yourself.

To acknowledging yourself, all of you, the up, the down and everything in between.

To trusting and believing in yourself again.

This is for you.

This is more of a reflection piece, than a blog piece. May it help you if you are feeling stuck or lost in yourself and know you too can begin to find your way home to yourself. Know too that is it a continuous journey, of learning, healing, discovery and growth and that is ok, more than ok. That's a reminder of our humanness. xxx


One woman took the other woman’s hand. She held it tight. She looked her straight in the eyes and she said…

I see you.

I see the hurt, the pain, the exhaustion, the loneliness, the confusion, the anger, the heavy expectations, the loss, the grief, the trauma, the sense of despair, the frustration. I see the weight of all of that.

You don’t have to carry it alone anymore. I'm so sorry that you felt you ever you had to.

Know you deserve awareness, acknowledgement, accountability, acceptance, and support to take the action that empowers you to be able to understand what the means and look like for you.

I’m here now. I’ve got this. I’ve got us.

Hand over your worries, fears, heavy emotions and know we’ll go through this together. Journey with me while I find my way home, home to myself, one step at a time.

Dear past self, I see you, we’ve got this, and we will make it home. The how, the why, the when, one step at a time, it will become clear and we will get there. I believe in me, I believe in you, I believe in us.

Much love, yours from here on,

Present self. Xxx


My biggest learning, in doing this, in allowing myself to feel present, is learning to do so with compassion, understanding, love, awareness and above all self acceptance. This is what makes the world of difference. Finding ways of letting go of needing to be in control of my thoughts, of others, of situations and of outcomes. This is what can bring you from feeling lost and stuck to moving forward and feeling empowered in yourself and in all you do for yourself. It doesn’t for one second mean it isn’t hard, or there are times I feel like I can’t, but I always know I can, I will and I do, each time getting that little bit closer.

Did you ever ask yourself…

Why do I find it so difficult to gift myself the things, time, understanding, tolerance or grace that I give so freely to others?

Where did the expectations and that gigantic measuring stick that I use for myself come from?

Can I see that in using this gigantic measuring stick to compare, compete and exhaust myself, I subconsciously, unknowingly place, along with weighty expectations upon others?

How do I learn to let go? To truly let go of the internal narrative that keeps me stuck?

Why do I not feel whole? Why do I not feel like I am already enough? What will it take to feel enough? What next ‘when I’ will help me to feel enough?

Why do I want a baby? (wow where did that last one come from, but have you asked yourself? I sometimes fell I never really answered myself, so putting it out there for you to get curious around, maybe you know, maybe you don't, so the question is there).

Dear reader,

Take your past self. Hug her tight and tell her you’ve got this. Even if it feels like you don’t right now, know you do, you can and you will find your way home to yourself for both of you. Right here, right now, moving forward in each present moment.

Know you don’t have to do it alone.

Yes you will be the one doing the work that is what makes if so empowering.

As you do this work, know there can be someone there to hold space for you as you do. That is the most wonderful gift you can give yourself.

If you would like 1:1 support …

In finding you in the thick of TTC and infertility.

In finding you as you navigate pregnancy after infertility or loss.

In finding you in motherhood after all of the above.

I have walked it. I’m here to journey with you as you find you again. I’m still journeying too, doing so with open eyes, an open heart and here to support you so that you can gift yourself this too.

The group sessions are a wonderful space too, to walk and talk with other women who truly understand. A new block starts next week and there will be blocks in July and August also.

Much love. Dara xxx 16.06.2023

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